Bias Without Thinking: 3 Techniques to Unearth Unconscious Bias – Lenora with Chris

$ 77.97


According to a recent WSJ article, “as they struggle to diversify their workforces, big businesses are teaching staffers to recognize that unconscious bias—or an implicit preference for certain groups—often influences important workplace decisions.” How can you change something that is unconscious? Join Lenora to examine 3 critical actions that will help you make more valid team decisions, interview with a mind more open to difference, and negotiate more effectively.

Fast Learning Takeaways: You will be able to

  • Define unconscious bias, really!
  • Recognize how unconscious bias impacts every interaction
  • Utilize 5 critical questions that help uncover cultural biases that impact hiring, team effectiveness and business negotiations
  • Consciously shift bias to accelerate positive results




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