Multicultural Musings

Diversity, Inclusion, Cultural Competencies, what does it all mean? How might it affect your workplace success? Multicultural Musings is a monthly digital newsletter that answers these questions and other diversity and inclusion issues of interest. It contains fun information, action ideas, diversity related news from around the world and more.

My entries are always intended to provide food for thought, a different way of viewing things. Not right or wrong, just different.  

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Thinking for a Change

Deciding to change takes a moment - sustaining change takes hard work, perseverance, and encouragement. In order to make change in your life, you'll have to develop the habit of giving yourself the support you need to change. But a little outside encouragement never hurt!

By registering for Thinking for a Change, you'll receive a short weekly encouragement email from Chris Clarke-Epstein. We promise they'll be short - you don't have time for another long email, right? Other subscribers have told us that these message have become a weekly shot-in-the-arm that they look forward to.

Remember change may not be easy, but not changing could be worse.

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More Change Blog

Chris has a blog and SHE'S REALLY BAD AT POSTING! Join her team as they encourage her to CHANGE her behavior by clicking HERE and submitting a comment.