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As you browse the items available, you will see not only my products but also products from Lenora Billings-Harris, CSP. We are partners in Beyond the Platform (Click back to the home page to learn more about our partnership). Lenora is a Diversity & Inclusion expert our products, programs, and services complement each other and clients often engage both of us to work with them. 

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In case you didn’t reach this page from my website, Change101.com, here is a little about me.
With each presentation, I make some promises. I’d love to make them for you and your group.
  • I promise to do my homework. I’ll learn about your organization and the participants at your meeting, so the messages I bring will be relevant to all who hear them.
  • I promise to be practical. Theory is interesting but in today’s time-crunched world, people want ideas that work in the real world.
  • I promise to be thought provoking. People need to leave meetings thinking about important ideas. I’ll make sure that happens.
  • I promise to tell stories. Since the beginning of time, the best teaching has happened through storytelling. Out of the thousands of stories I have in my repertoire, I’ll choose the best ones for your group.
  • I promise your program will be unique. From visuals to key messages, your program will be YOUR program. Based on our conversations and the material you send me I will craft an experience that meets the needs of your participants.
  • I promise to be funny. I’m not a stand-up comic, but I do know how to spin a tale in a way that gets giggles to guffaws. 
  • I promise to encourage action. It isn’t enough to sit in a meeting having a good time. Value comes when participants have a clear understanding of what they’re going to do after the meeting with what they’ve experienced during the meeting.

Since 1984, more than 3,247 audiences have entrusted me with their most precious commodity—time. I’ve never taken that trust lightly. It will be my great joy to work with you to plan and deliver a session at your next meeting. 
Chris Clarke-Epstein, CSP

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