Trailblazers: How Top Business Leaders are Accelerating Results Through Inclusion and Diversity (Hardcover Book)

$ 27.95

Trailblazers takes you into some of the world’s top performing companies for insights on how they are expanding the definition, practice, and bottom-line benefits of diversity.

You’ll meet twelve leading Chief Diversity Officers and discover the real-world strategies they have developed to win talent, optimize internal performance, broaden marketing reach, and more.

With best practices and innovative techniques drawn from path-making companies like IBM, Verizon, Dell, The Coca-Cola Company, American Airlines, Merck, and more, Trailblazers gives you an up-to-date toolset you can use to:

  • Leverage diversity and inclusion in a global marketplace
  • Reach consumers better and create tighter client relationships
  • Retain and develop leadership
  • Get executive buy-in
  • Create effective action plans that deliver results
  • Extend diversity to your brands, markets, and supply chains
  • Understand the roles and values of Chief Diversity Officers
  • Increase middle management participation and engagement
  • Embed diversity and inclusion efforts in existing processes
  • Generate, measure, and explain diversity and inclusion ROI
  • Ensure accountability and track outcomes

    Vision, strategy, and metrics—plus a passion for driving outcomes—yield effective and sustainable diversity and inclusion efforts. Filled with proven methods for implementing and sustaining such endeavors, Trailblazers supplies you and your organization with the tools to fully realize the promise of diversity and the power of inclusion.

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